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EHR Maintenance

Our fully integrated EHR system makes compliant record keeping easy with real-time updates, on-demand reporting, and highly-secure data storage.

Electronic Health Records allow providers to maintain patients’ charts in convenient digital files, and Med-Ops’ will keep you on the cutting edge of record-keeping technology. Our integrated EHR system makes it easy to chart data, prescribe meds, order labs and imaging, and share results, right from one intuitive browser-based program.

You’ll be able to communicate more efficiently, too, through the EHR patient portal; enjoy an intuitive ePrescription feature; create templates tailored to your practice’s workflows; and view “snapshots” providing comprehensive views of patients’ allergies, medications, and conditions without having to flip through pages and pages of records.

Med-Ops offers fully customizable EHR Maintenance that meets the needs of providers in any healthcare specialty and that integrate seamlessly with our Medical Billing services, delivering comprehensive record-keeping and accounting solutions to small-sized practices.

Med-Ops’ EHR Maintenance services include an array of features designed that allow you to:

  • Import existing patient records from multiple platforms
  • Order meds more accurately with the ePrescription tool
  • Integrate with your imaging and lab test ordering programs
  • Chart new patients however you like with customizable templates
  • Invite patients to be more active in maintaining their EHR profiles

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