Cycle Management

About med-ops

Our mission is to offer the most innovative revenue cycle management solution available and in the process, make in-house medical billing obsolete. Our team of experienced billing professionals will work to streamline your billing process, maximize your revenues, and increase your bottom line.

Over the past 20 years, we have worked with hundreds of medical practices of every size and specialty. We understand medical work flow on both the billing and clinical side of your practice. We work with your entire team to improve and streamline your whole process. Most practices don’t realize that improved cash flow begins at the front desk! Our goal is to make your practice more efficient than it has ever been. And unlike most billing services, we don’t just do billing; we have experts in Billing, Coding and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) implementations. Med-Ops wants to be your partner and help transform your practice so that you can do what you do best…..take care of your patients.

  • Med-Ops has over 50 years of combined medical billing experience
  • All of our staff are US-based employees. No overseas billing!
  • Our staff is experienced in many different specialties

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