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Patient Relationship Management

Our cloud-based billing system with robust EHR module, scheduling tools, and reporting software simplifies administrative tasks so you can devote more time to your patients.

Improving the care quality and satisfaction of medical patients in America requires the kind of customer service mindset usually found outside of the healthcare sector. One way to do it is by ensuring patients receive accurate information and are able to easily navigate the administrative and accounting requirements of your practice.

Med-Ops makes this possible with Patient Relationship Management solutions aimed at strengthening communication and satisfaction. Our platform provides a full range of software tools that engage patients more personally and proactively, and make it easier for your administrative and accounting personal to convey that they care.

By partnering with Med-Ops, you’ll have access to an array of efficiency-enhancing billing, administrative, and clinical tools, and your patients will enjoy easier interactions with your personnel and the network of providers with which your organization works.

Med-Ops’ Patient Relationship Management services provide advanced features to improve your patients’ administrative and billing experiences:

  • Centralized Data- patient information is consolidated in one place with real-time updates, including billing history
  • Easier Reimbursements- manage patients’ claim reimbursements on demand, right from the Med-Ops system
  • Clear Collections Statements- keep collections activities up to date, and provide patients with the information they need when they need it
  • Detailed Reporting & Analyses- accurate snapshots of patients’ billing and treatment histories ensure your collections efforts don’t upset patients
  • Automatic Claim Scrubbing- our advanced software tools rid your system entirely of claims errors so payers can’t deny or underpay their bills

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